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"Final Fantasy" Series Breaks Three Guinness World Records

For a franchise built on what was intended to be the last game of its designer's career, Final Fantasy has become a vast, ever-growing series. And if you've ever wondered why it's never taken away a Guinness World Record, wonder no more -- it's taken away three.

Two of the records went to Final Fantasy XIV -- the first, unsurprisingly, for its incredibly long end credits sequence. Clocking in at 1 hour 38 minutes, it has been recognized by Guinness as being the longest end credit sequence for an MMO.

Additionally, its impressive soundtrack -- 384 individual pieces -- has earned it a record for most original pieces of music for a video game.

The final recognition is for the series as a whole -- for Most Prolific RPG Series. While the current game may number itself at 15, all the games put together -- including mobile games, spinoffs, tactical games, and the rest -- put the total count at 87... so far.

The Guinness World Record recognitios were presented earlier this month at EU Fanfest 2017 in Frankfurt.

Source: MMORPG.com,

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