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Deadpool 2 Has Found its Domino in Zazie Beet

Deadpool 2 has been moving ahead with its schedule ever since ex-director Tim Miller stepped down. Although David Leitch took over the director’s role – which is super awesome – the other characters set to appear, especially Cable and Domino, had not yet been cast.
Speculations had been flying about who would be the one playing the time-travelling mercenary, Cable, and his partner, Domino.
Zazie Beet as Domino
Recently, it seemed as though we were making headway on both fronts: Stranger Things star David Harbour has been rumoured to be in negotiations to play Cable, while singer/songwriter-turned-actress Janelle MonĂ¡e (Hidden Figures, Moonlight) was rumoured to be the number one choice for Domino.
Now, however, there's someone else who has been confirmed as the cast for Domino - actress Zazie Beet.
Ryan Reynolds confirmed this himself on Twitter.

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