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#HeroineNetflix: See The Top Reactions and Reviews of Netflix's Heroin(e)

Photo: Netflix

Netflix's Heroine debuted this week and so far, the reviews and reactions of the new 40-minute documentary have been nothing short of amazing.

Heroin(e) is a documentary that follows the lives of three women -- a fire chief, a judge and a street missionary -- as they battle West Virginia's devastating opioid epidemic. In a world full of people suppressing the feminism movement, this beautiful take on the lives, struggle, and accomplishments of these three women is a way to not only prove what women are capable of doing when giving equal opportunities, but it also highlights the many unknown things going on in West Virginia that people do not know about.

The reviews and reactions have been amazing so far with the documentary being well received by everyone who's watched it. Check the top reactions and tweets after the trailer below:

Heroin(e) is currently available for streaming and downloading on Netflix

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